If your event management or hospitality business has reached a dead end, there is one event sector that could use your flair and talent.

The funeral business. It’s changing. It’s ripe for disruption. The funeral business needs new blood and maybe now is the time to re-direct your event management and people skills to start your own funeral business.

The government isn’t shutting down the funeral business.

Unemployment and redundancy levels are rising rapidly, especially amongst people with underutilized event management and hospitality experience. And there appears to be no end in sight to this pandemic.

The event and hospitality sectors have been hit the hardest and I feel for the millions of people with event management skills who have been affected by the pandemic. Some say unfairly affected.

Announcements of further Covid restrictions for November (almost certainly beyond, maybe through to April) may provide you with the extra push you need to to start a new business using your event management and people skills.

The new lockdown in November will give you time to research this further. In the meantime, I hope this article and the accompanying video will help you look at the funeral sector differently. It’s a respected business, routed in compassion but ready to for change to it’s ‘grey men in black suits’ image.

Before you get carried away, starting a business is not to be taken likely. The skillset of an employee is not the skill set needed as an entrepreneur. For instance, your choice of business. Business as we know it has changed, forever.

Stepping from the frying pan into the fire is not an option.

Do you look to launch a business in the same market or do you look further and see that many business sectors will no longer exist in the future?

The high street is on life support. Because of Covid restrictions, with no end in sight, the move to online shopping has accelerated. You don’t need a mask to shop online and as Amazon strengthens its grip on new buying habits, it’s difficult to see how the high street will look in the future.

Don’t start a business if you can’t master digital marketing.

Uber and Covid ‘work from home’ directives has destroyed the black cab trade. As working from home becomes the new norm. demand for commercial property will be affected.

Be careful what you wish for

Understand that ‘working from home’ may be short-lived. Your role can be quickly replaced by someone cheaper or better, working from their home in other parts of the country or from home on the other side of the world,

‘Fly at the Window’ Thinking.

Have you ever watched a fly banging its entire body against a window trying to escape from a room? Even though the window from where it entered is still open? I have. Wishing to help the fly, I push the window wide. I can see the bigger picture.

However, the fly has his head down and is not open to thinking outside of the box [room]. He fails to see the opportunity for freedom.

Take your Talent in a Different Direction

To change career or business direction requires a new level of training, investment and support. For some a move to AI or technologies of the future may be the way to go. But what if your skill are soft skills. What if you don’t want to become something you’re clearly not.

How about the many event organisers who have organisational talents and people skills. Skills they’ve perfected over many years. Maybe people with coaching or management skills capable of working closely with people under stress. Is there an open window of opportunity for them?

Yes, there is …

Event Planning Skills are Perfect for the Funeral Business

Perhaps now is the time to consider the fact that a funeral is the one special event we are all going to attend sooner or later. Special, because most funerals today are seen as a celebration of life. And the market is ripe for disruption. It needn’t be about grey men in black, it has an exciting future as a business for those who want to make a difference.

It’s one event that it’s still possible for 30 people to attend and contrary to common belief, anyone can start a funeral business.

Making a success of it, however, requires attention to detail and process. You need to be good with people, with a compassionate nature. You need business and marketing support. Many of the independent family businesses were started before the internet was born.

As with any business. You won’t get very far without surrounding yourself with the right people.

Let’s be honest. You didn’t wake up this morning thinking you have the talents to be a successful funeral director. Think again. A week in the life of a funeral director is filled with compassion and a feeling you made a difference. Check out >> A Week in the Life of a Funeral Director

I’ve brought together a team of professionals with a record of success in the funeral sector and in the fast moving world of digital marketing.

Together our focus is to provide a new business support package for the whole of the independent funeral sector. It includes training, launch strategy, and ongoing marketing support (on and offline).

Each new business will have dedicated access to an experienced funeral marketing agency providing much-needed support at a reasonable cost.

Essential if you are to break into an established market and vital in terms of cash flow in the early stages.

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