Kick Start Your Business with VIDEO 

and grow your business by as much as *49% without giving away discount


"by answering the questions buyers ask, when they're ready to buy"


Interviews reveal the personality of the individual during a process where even the camera shy can relax.


There is reassuring authority about someone answering searching questions with clarity.


We are all drawn into listening to natural conversations about subjects we are interested in.


Content is marketing gold and could contain expert insights, helpful advice and advice that attracts business.


Video creates the feeling we know someone. Long form interview is watched by someone interested.


Interviews should answer the questions buyers want to ask when they are ready to buy. 

About Your Interviewer

Paul Clegg

Friendly, interested, curious. Paul is able to put people at ease, relax and allow them to open up with questions buyers would ask.

He asks sensible questions and doesn't get in the way of the answers, making sure that the interviewee is the star. 

Paul Clegg

Recent Examples

How To Use Video

Aside from using video to answer frequently asked questions, consider 'should ask questions'. The questions people don't think about but that really matter. This approach suggests openness and real authority. 

ie. Five critical questions you should ask a Financial Advisor before you decide to appoint one. 

Use video to demonstrate how to use a product or how to get the best from a service. 

Use video to tell your story. People are captivated with personal stories revealing the person behind the business image.

Use video to launch new products or services or announce special offers or to introduce new members of your team. 

from as little as


What is involved

Initial marketing strategy discussion
Research and agree questions
Set up *video call & conduct interview
Edit video footage & add graphics, media etc.
Extract audio for audio podcast 
Advise on distribution via social media, email

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