In the following elements' of a 'joined-up' marketing system you will find where most business owners leave business on the table for their competitors. Address two or more of these issues and your business will increase. 

1. Audience: How are you getting in front of the people most likely to need the solutions/products you provide? 

Presenting to the wrong audience is a waste of your time and theirs. Website, social media, telephone, Zoom, face to face?

2. Engagement: In a distracted world, how are you grabbing the attention of your audience? How do you use surprise or curiosity to stop and get your audience to lean in to a conversation with you [online or offline]  

Engagement is necessary to build rapport,  trust and authority.  Remember, 82% of sales take place after the 7th touch. So what’s your engagement strategy?  Do you have one? 

How do you stay in touch?

3. Sales: Sales start with a process - your sales pipeline. The more potential clients you take through this process the more skilled you will become and the more your business revenue will grow. FACT.

Marketing Funnels

4. Retention: What does your ‘retention strategy’ look like? Do you follow a sale with a ’How did we do?’ survey?  Asking for reviews or testimonials, referrals maybe, should be a natural part of creating long term clients.  Is it?

5. Introductions: Who is helping you develop your referral strategy? It takes a lot more than turning up with your ‘pitch’ at your networking event.  We discuss referrals and joined-up marketing at Marketing Crew. It’s like having a savvy marketing team behind you, without the cost or drama. Visit us at MarketingCrew.UK

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