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My name is Paul Clegg. I was Made in Manchester. Background: National Sales Management, Marketing Management and General Management at Board Level. Started my own brand management consultancy in 1990.  I’ve been working with small, medium size businesses (like yours) helping them create and implement lead generation and referral strategies since 2002.

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You are an entrepreneur, start-up, small business owner in the growth phase. Maybe a Creative, Consultant or Marketing Professional. You can handle more business and need more leads. But you know that leads don't generate themselves.  

Essentially, you have come to realise your marketing is just not 'joined-up'. You don't have a clearly laid out sales or marketing process. You're not sure what needs fixing to generate better results or you do know and something stops you from sorting it.  


If you view marketing as a cost (rather than an investment) this isn't going to be for you. 

Why? If you can't (or don't) measure your marketing it's a cost (a punt). You may be wasting money. Marketing is an important investment when you can measure return on investment

If you feel something is not quite right in your business and you'd like a savvy, experienced marketing guy to gain some insights with clarity and direction, let's get together. 

Paul Clegg

“Paul is smart, aware, generous, thoughtful, progressive. A powerful listener. Articulate and careful. Highly recommended on the first impression.” 

Thomas Power

9 Spokes previously Amstrad (Lord Sugar) - Apple  - founder of Ecademy

3 ways I can help you and your business

1. More Effective Lead Generation

In over twenty years of working with self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners I've noticed that very few have a clear understanding of the joined-up element of a referral marketing strategy. 

They confuse networking with referrals strategy and leave business on the table. Most are unsure of how to turn networking contacts in qualified introductions.

2. Provide Clarity and Focus 

Whilst it has never been so easy to attract new business potential clients are easily distracted and so are we. Our greatest competitor is distraction. 

Distraction leads to confusion and a confused mind is stuck, often stressed. Overwhelmed. 

You can't build a business in a complex world on your own but not knowing who to trust is why people stay stuck.

3. Hold you Accountable

It is your intuition, skill, experience and daily/weekly habits that have got you to where you are.  For things to change, you must change (one or more of the above).

The enemies of change are the habits 'hard wired' in the way you operate.  If these habit are no longer serving you then you you need someone to hold you accountable. 

Let me be your accountability partner. 

“Paul’s incisive questions are wielded with the deft precision of a scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon and they really do get under the skin of the participant’s business. It’s not always comfortable, but that of course is the point.” 

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