How important is quality when it it comes to your service or product offering? Can you cut corners and get away with it? Let’s discuss.


Quality normally is focused value, longevity, prestige and is reflected in price.

Different people associate the importance of quality in different areas. Quality watch, quality computer, quality nutrition, quality skincare. Everyone values different things.

How Important is quality

For others some of the examples above may not be so important. I’m not really concerned about the detergent I use or the washing up liquid. My perception is that Fairy is better quality but is it important?

I’m not particularly concerned about the quality or presitige of a watch. Watches have never been my thing. Computers are. I’ve been using Apple since early January, 2000.

We all Value Different Products or Services

I guess the point I’m making is that quality is selective and is related to the individual and what they value. You’ve got no idea how to guess what somebody values.

I don’t know who values the importance of good marketing focus. I know everybody in business could benefit from coming along to marketing crew meeting, but not everybody values marketing insights. They see it as an expense, a cost. They don’t see it as an investment or learning about marketing. Gaining experience from the people who have gone before or tried different tactics. Maybe worked on strategies that haven’t worked. It’s important to know why, for it may help you adjust your marketing approach.

Stop Selling Start Listening – Qualify

So it is with your business. If you’re looking for quality clients, at higher prices, higher value, you’ve got to know that everybody is not going to value the extra value you bring to the problems or challenges they face.

So stop trying to sell to everybody and single out the audience you want to get infront of. How are you going to qualify them, to find out whether what you deliver in terms of value is what they need, want, value and are prepared to pay for.