“If your household is reliant on two incomes to makes ends meet, it’s important to consider how you would survive financially and emotionally if you were forced to live off one income.” So says Andrew Snell, the financial advisor I’ve trusted for just shy of 20 years. In this interview we talk about pensions and the pandemic.

It was good to catch up with and interview Andrew (founder of Quay Financial) last week. With no one else in his office I could safely ask Andrew to share some of this thoughts on the economy, post pandemic stock market volatility and pensions .

We talked about the third phase of the pandemic which will occur in October when furlough ends and millions of people will face unemployment and inevitable financial issues.

Right now hundreds of thousands of people with well paid positions are having to consider a future where job security no longer exists. What are people to do about their pension if redundancy is forced upon them.

Moreover, what will be the impact on two income families if one or more income suddenly stops. In his calm and measured way, Andrew provides answers to many of the questions his clients are asking. Recommend.