Rather like Ikea’s famous meatball deal, Costco’s Hot Dog and Soda provides a great marketing lesson from Costco. In 2015, Costco sold 128 million hot dogs. Imagine what they sell now.

I love this line in the article about Costco’s Hot Dogs. “Customers coming in to shop at Costco are amused, satisfied, and fuelled by the hot dog meal. If they get it just before leaving the store, they’re left with a lasting impression of being treated well. That’s worth more than keeping up with inflation.”

The lasting impression of being treated well. Shall we call it Afters. 
What Afters (after the sale) do you or could you provide to make a massive difference to the way people feel about your company?

Now, there’s a tasty thought.

10 other things you didn’t know about Costco Hot Dogs: