On this week’s Somerset Marketing Hub Online meet-up, we talked sales.

Love the subject or avoid the subject, without sales all we have is an expensive hobby.    

Somerset Marketing Hub Online 29th September 2020

I’ve been thinking back and realised that I’ve loved selling for over 50 years. Caveat; I have no patience with pushy salespeople, no time for pressure salespeople and loath sleazy sales techniques that attempt to ‘get one over’ on unsuspecting customers.

All of the caveats above has given many people a view of sales that has held them back from mastering this skill.

As I explain in the video the Rule of Sales

  1. Your job is to help your prospect make the Best Decision for Them
  2. What is best for them is almost always Outside of their Comfort Zone
  3. Your prospect will fight like hell to Stay Inside of their Comfort Zone

Find time to watch the recording.

If just one of the tips resonates it will be worth it.

Links to the sales resources featured in the recording:

OnePage CRM – impressive low cost CRM system for entrepreneurs

Close – Sales Resource and download

Slides Used: courtesy of Buzzbuilder Pro