If you’re not using video in your sales process (your customer journey) now is the time to learn how to pivot to remote sales. Your hesitation could be costing you far more business than you can afford.

Surely you’ve noticed the world has changed and remote selling is becoming the new norm. Video meetings are overtaking person-to-person meetings.  Everyone is feeling comfortable with video presentations and conversations, Video sells better than text. 

I’m a big fan of podcasts. I use my time in the shower and the bathroom each morning to inspire and self educate and to stay focused. Yes, I prefer to choose who I share my shower with and a podcast is always preferable to the BBC and their repetitive fear spreading about the coronavirus.

An important part of the work I do is ‘helping business owners get in front of more people who want to buy their stuff’ and I do a lot of that using video. I have a passion for video and so one of my favourite podcasters on this subject is Todd Hartley.

His ‘knowledge bombs’ on his podcast are pure gold.

How to Pivot to Remote Sales

check out his video http://lp.wirebuzz.com/remote-sales

In this video on his page How to Pivot to Remote Sales, he demonstrates how to sell remotely to access restricted prospects. Todd explains how video sales will attract new clients and increase your sales from 3 simple approaches;

1. Sales Page: On-demand sales experience

2. Show and Tell Presentations

3. Use Watcha Got

Doing nothing is an option, but an expensive one. Expensive in terms of the lost business by not being seen and heard. Your audience deserves better.

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