"What are you expecting from your website, your social media or your networking activity?" Serious question. 

For most people it's random. Most people approach their lead generation, their marketing, their networking  randomly.  Not surprisingly, they get random results.

Fact is, random is frustrating, stressful and why most people fail in business. It's not going to get easier any time soon. 

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I get it - You're Busy

Ignoring it won't fix it ...

It's not your fault, you're busy being busy (trying to do everything yourself). The question you should ask yourself is busy doing what, going where? 

The following short videos demonstrate how to turn random lead generation into joined-up marketing. 


Who do you think you're talking to? How to get in front of an audience who want to buy.


How are you building rapport to build your authority and your reputation?


People love to buy but they hate to be sold. How are you helping people to buy?

Sales Pipeline

Are you taking enough of the right people through the customer (sales) pipeline?

Client Retention 

Your Competitors are after your clients and you need to do this to project your business.


How to attract a flood of new customers that pay, stay and refer. Networking with purpose. 

And, if you're building your business at Networking Meetings YOU NEED TO GET THIS RIGHT

If you're not getting what you expect from your networking activity in the way of pre-qualified introductions you should know I've helped over 1000 business owners like you in Somerset & Wiltshire develop a networking marketing strategies that get results. 

But can I help you? Probably!

This is what others are saying ...

“Smart, aware, generous, thoughtful, progressive. A powerful listener. Articulate and careful. Highly recommended on the first impression.” Thomas Power

"I have known Paul now for the past twelve years and he is one of the most professional and experienced marketing and networking people I know. Always eager to help and support, but also fast to adapt to a changing environment. He is a key person to watch and listen to when wondering the best way forward in a changing business world." Paula Carnell 

so it must be true!

"I have been involved in marketing for almost 25 years and I can honestly say that Paul has opened my eyes to some areas of marketing that I perhaps would not have otherwise considered." Ewen Logan 

"Paul’s incisive questions are wielded with the deft precision of a scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon and they really do get under the skin of the participant’s business. 

It’s not always comfortable, but that of course is the point." Andrew Western 

Paul Clegg

Lead Generation Made Simple 

Cool dude. Made in Manchester. Savvy marketing guy, able to pluck clarity out of confusion from knowing what questions to ask. Measured, thoughtful, supportive and inspired.

Paul Clegg

Don't expect a pitch from me.

Let's agree, we all hate being pitched.  Instead, expect searching questions in order for me to understand your journey. Questions to discover where you are, where you want to get to and what's stopped you so far.  

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