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Allow friends and family to be there when they can't be ... by sharing a professional funeral video

Funeral Videos


What is their story?

The loss of a loved one is devastating, whatever the circumstances. Funerals, Celebration of Life and Memorial ceremonies help us process the loss, share memories, and connect with friends and family. 

Moreover, these ceremonies bring friends and family together to allow us to share the stories that  make up the memories of the person we have lost.  This coming together helps with the grieving process for everyone concerned. 

But what about the those who can't be there? Often friends and family are scattered all over the country, all over the world even and, for various reasons, cannot be part of the grieving process. Video connects people.

Funeral Service

Video of the service inc. editing, royalty free music and hosting of video for sharing. Download of the edited video is included. 

YouTube Live Broadcast

Very much dependent on wifi coverage and strength. Can be 'stand-alone' or added to video of the funeral itself. 

To include online hosting

Drone Footage

Drone footage provides context as the video of the woodland burial above shows. Editing, royalty free music and hosting of video for sharing is included, naturally 

Drone Videography 

Hatches, Matches, Despatches

In my time as a volunteer reading for the blind we had a section called hatches (births) matches (weddings) and despatches (deaths). Each in itself is a significant emotional moment in our lives. 

The stories normally told at funerals are generally about what someone meant to us. How we met, how we laughed and how they made us feel. Video can be used in so many ways to record the emotion of how the departed made a difference.

Letters of Appreciation

"The amazing job you did last week has given me and my family some much needed closure on this side of the world.  

The production, the edit, the audio mix, the resolution, the drones, the wonderful / remarkable job you did for me in documenting the fields where she has been laid to rest.
I seriously couldn't believe what an amazing record of the two days you did.

I know you normally document much happier occasions but I wanted you to know that you really did make a huge difference last week and it is hugely appreciated. "

Steve Nicholls - Australia

"Thank you so much, knowing that our family and friends were watching made a huge difference to us.  It seems to have worked very well- we have had a lot of lovely feedback.

I have just rewatched some of it now you have edited it and it is great, thank you.

As things turned out it was just as well that we had planned to stream the service and in fact some people watched who would not have been able to make the service even under normal circumstances."

Claire Nightingale

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