Here are Four New Year Resolutions for Your Business. Make them your priorities, allocate time to them daily, weekly so they become a habit and I guarantee they 2021 will be your best year ever.

Admit it. You’ve been racing around, head in a spin. Need to get more done. Lockdowns getting you down?  Stop. You’re beginning to look like a trapped fly banging your head on the glass when freedom is just to the side through the open window.

You’re spending your time being busy but you’re frustrated because you feel you are getting nowhere. Time is the issue and how you spend it.

You can’t manage time. You can only manage priorities.  And your priorities determine how you use the time we all have. If you don’t have any worthwhile priorities laid down you are no longer in control of your time, someone else is.

Longer and longer lists won’t beat time. It will beat you.

Take some time to decide what your priorities are in terms of health, wealth, enjoyment, family etc. It’s a good time of the year to do this – it’s New Year and the time to make New Year resolutions. However, I suggest you rephrase this to become New Year Priorities. 

Anything that doesn’t contribute to the priorities you set you need to say no to. If you fail to do this you are living your life by other people’s priorities. Social Media streams, checking email in the morning. They are all distractions and for the most part, other people’s priorities. 

The challenging part is creating new daily habits by allocating time to your priorities and recognising the time-munching distractions that don’t serve you.

On my priority list is a desire to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the business world and in particular marketing. Niche down further and I’m interested in helping people make better choices when it comes to getting a new or established business off the ground.

New Year Resolutions for Business (to get you started)

Make 2021 your best Year Ever

I’ve never stopped learning since I left school. Maybe that’s down to my natural curiosity but there is not enough time in the day to take in the documentaries that interest me, read the books I want to read or complete courses online.  Not wavering from my priority I knew I needed to change the way I allocated my time. It’s important that I invest it, rather than spend it. Subtle difference but important.  

TV doesn’t serve my purpose, so I cancelled my license back in April. Instead of ‘spending’ the time I have watching stuff that doesn’t interest me, I’m able to ‘invest my time’ consuming content that does. 

For instance. Like most people, I start each day in the bathroom, but rather than ‘spend my time in there’ I take my speaker and iPhone and tune into a podcast or audiobook.  An easy habit to get into and into surprisingly I find the content sets me up for the day or plants the seed of an idea that inspires me to write something or record a video etc. 

It all began with deciding on my priorities and how I allocate time to those I set. Your priorities will certainly be different and of course there is plenty of room for leisure. I enjoy time taking photographs and love the thrill I get from flying my new drone.

But if you are to live life on purpose you must stop being distracted by stuff that doesn’t serve you. When you have purpose you know where you are going and in an uncertain world we all need to decide what is important and make them priorities. New Year priorities.