It’s important that we do not settle for average. Too many people want the rewards of world-class without doing the work required of world-class. So says Robin Sharma and I agree.

In his video the Six Noble Truths of Winning in Business, Robin shares some of his experience in creating a mindset for success.

We live in a world where ‘that will do’ seems to be the best it gets for many in business. Such an approach equates to low self-worth, low prices, low profit. With low profit, there’s not enough money to re-invest and it’s a race to the bottom. Which is why ‘that will do’ won’t. Do not settle for average.

Audio Version of the Six Noble Truths of Winning in Business.

I’ve been impressed with Robin Sharma’s philosophies since I read his book, The Monk who Sold his Ferrari. He has a Zen-like way of delivering a message with a clarity that makes it easy to follow.