Digital traffic and SEO for local business. is critical if you are to be found on the internet.

The first step to attracting customers and clients to your business is to get attention. In the Hight Street it’s foot traffic. Online it’s traffic. Without traffic to your website is like a high street business having their lights out and their shop window boarded up. You know you’re open but potential customers don’t. You’re invisible without traffic.

We’ve been running a weekly online marketing meet-up to support local business business owners retain customers and attract new clients. This week’s featured insight was so good I had to share it.

Each week our local online marketing hub attracts local business owners to have local marketing conversations. This week digital specialists Ewen and Kelly Logan from SME Marketeers shared insights about how to get in front of more people who want to buy your stuff online.

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When it’s safe to do so we will be meeting up in person, taking our online marketing conversations to a whole new level.