Millions of people in the UK are worried about their business or their job and many will be considering their options depending how long we are in lock-down.

A home based network marketing business is perfect for lots of people to consider right now but they need to know a lot more than they are ever told. They need to know the truth about network marketing as a home based business option.

Let’s face it, being able to start an Internet business with minimal investment or risk, where product or service is paid for and delivered for you is a dream business. My friends with premises, stock and cash flow risk I am sure will agree.

However, lots of people will blunder into such a business because a friend told them about ‘an opportunity with perfect timing’. They will decide on a whim because it doesn’t have much risk and before they know they’ll be losing friends and because they are too lazy to do their due diligence.

Most will fail as they would blundering into any business they don’t have experience of are not told the truth. Perhaps because the person their talking to, doesn’t know the truth, yet. And network marketing will get a bad wrap.

For me, a network marketing business is like a franchise without the heavy investment. And I’ve owned and sold a successful franchise. But you need to understand how this business model works and put the effort in as if you had just invested £100,000 in a franchise.

Taken seriously and it might just pay you each month for the rest of your life.