PAUL CLEGG since 1947

Sales and Marketing - savvy, experienced

Made in Manchester. Boy's school, Police Cadet then I was introduced to sales by my pal's dad, the Sales Director for Umbro Sports. 

In sales I had found my vocation and never looked back.

My corporate career was in the hair and beauty market rising to senior management and board level. Created my own marketing business in 1990 with a fanatical focus on understanding the needs of my clients.  Built my reputation helping small business owners and entrepreneurs. 10 years as BNI franchise holder for Somerset Wiltshire training over 1,000 business owners in how to develop marketing partnerships. Still provide lead generation campaigns for core groups in BNI Regions.

No airy-fairy, pie in the sky, hype from someone who's never had a business of their own. To generate more business you need to work with someone grounded with experience and who walks the talk! 

People come to me when they want to extend their network of professional contacts or to generate qualified leads for their business.

If you're overwhelmed, confused, maybe just stuck in one of these three areas of your business:


I can help you identify exactly where the blockages are and exactly how to fix them. 

Paul Clegg

Lead Generation - Sales - Introductions

I have developed a system to get you in front of the right audience, people who actually want to buy your stuff and provide you with a steady stream of potential clients.

And I can do it faster than SEO. For certain.

Marketing Crew

Bringing entrepreneurs and small business owners together to inform, discuss and collaborate. Helping create more business through a joint approach to marketing and qualified introductions.

It's like having your own sales and marketing team, but without the overhead, or the drama.

Need a Savvy Marketing Partner?

 Work directly with me. I can help you build your online authority, influence, marketing partnerships and attract new business. Let me help you build your own network of trusted referral partners. 


You're Stuck

You have a business, you're starting a business and you're not sure how you are going to get clients or customers.  Admit it, you're stuck. 

I will show you how to get in front of people who actually want to buy your stuff. New customers who pay, stay and refer. 

Let's Discuss Ways in which We Can Work Together

Paul Clegg

I work with a small number of clients providing access to a wide network of individuals and referral partners. Having someone generate qualified introductions and help you develop referral partnerships is a faster way to long term revenue. 

Paul Clegg 

Call me on 01749 671596 or 07976 243107

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