It’s very easy to think that branding is only for big boys and girls. You know, big companies like Apple, Google, Coca Cola.

Not so. 

In this week’s Somerset marketing hub online we talked about branding and where it differs from marketing. We quickly decided that branding was about values, culture, reputation and marketing was about how we communicated those values. 

The call is particularly relevant if you are thinking of starting your own business post covid or if you are looking to re-position your business in the face of the ‘new norm’. 

You can view a recording of the call here: 

branding for entrepreneurs and small business

As many people come to realise that the job that they’ve had for years may no longer exist it is only natural that people become uncertain. You see, most people (men especially) identify with their job or the position they held in their company. 

Ask them who they really are and they have to stop and think. This lack of self-awareness will inevitably carry forward into their business idea.

So, their marketing position becomes what they do (sounding exactly like their competition) rather than who they are. Who they are and what they stand for (branding) is not even considered.

Branding is much more important than that.

No, branding doesn’t only apply to big boys and girls. Branding is about you and you need to give it some serious thought.