On our marketing hub call this week we asked what advice everyone would give to anyone starting a small business. Each person on the call had done so and it’s inevitable that they all faced challenges, from which they learned.

Some of the advice was so simple it would be easy to ignore but we do so at our peril.

Mark Howard, the accountant on the call, provided a visual insight when he described your business as a car and cash as the petrol fuelling that car. Driving the car can take you places but if you run out of petrol your car (business) will come to a grinding holt. He also highlighted the benefits of a new internet bank for sole trader and small limited companies.

Ewan Logan reminded us not to be close minded to opportunity along the way and Damian Lo Cascio talked about the importance of WOWing your customers. Zoisa Holder reminded us of the importance of persistence.

Whilst the call shared advice for start ups, everyone reviewing their business in the light of the Covid pandemic can certainly benefit from the advice given.

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.