I’ve just come off my local Somerset Marketing Hub Online call where we talked about how to 10x your digital content. In this way I’ve turned a follow up ‘thank you’ email to my online marketing group into video and blog content which I can share to different audiences.

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Today’s call focused on sharing content to create Attention and Engagement. Using online groups, Facebook Live and using video content to attract a new audience. We talked about the value of Live Broadcasts in just sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences to an existing and wider audiences.

Interviews are also a valuable way of raising credibility and take on an aura of expertise for both the interviewer and the interviewee. When recorded and shared the interview content helps reach a wider audience.

You can view the two interviews I completed last week on my YouTube channel. I’ve created a playlist Expert Interviews and given the interviewees the original files.

I’ve also added a link to how I’ve repurposed both interviews on LinkedIn and Sound Cloud. Here’s the interview I did with Vivien Simpson.

PS It’s always a good idea to think of ways you can use or share the content you produce to different audiences and in different forms. Especially, if our time is limited.

For instance, this blog was originally written as email to the online group and the text with minor alterations doubled as blog.

I then turned the content into a video using a great new *teleprompter 3 app. *It’s only the second time I’ve used it. This is where I first heard about.

I shared the video on to YouTube and uploaded to my Dubb Account.

With practice you can streamline the whole process and get content out to so many places reaching out to many different audiences.